Nvu 1.0

Nvu 1.0 is a very easy to use application for creating web pages

Nvu 1.0 is a very easy to use application for creating web pages.
It uses HTML, Code, and previous view of the web page being developed, inserts pictures, tables, hyperlinks, anchors, forms, PHP code, comments, etc. for making web pages in a very quick manner, editing them in What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) mode, so anything is done is immediatly seen.

The program also allows to open made web pages and navigate through their files to change or update them, even from web sites (if you have the log on capacity), showing tree views of the site, folders, files, documents, pictures, etc. with size information and last modification dates.

The page editor displays several web pages at the same time by means of Tags selection to swap the page shown, interchange code by copy and paste, etc.

Insertion of CSS stylesheets by the CSS editor included. There is a complete style option window for setting border properties, fonts, etc.

HTML validation, a Markup cleaner, Forms inserter, JavaScript Console, resizing rules for cells, rows, columns and tables, etc.
The created pages can be exported as plain text for later revisions.

For the code view, the application includes an useful spell checking tool for easily correcting typed code in the web page project, clean documents, markups, etc.

Text size Zoom 50% to 300%.

Ignacio Solves
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  • Tagged pages view. CSS insertion. JavaScript console. Very easy to use for creating simple web pages


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